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Bespoke Furniture

Specialists in the design and manufacture of that one prominent feature item in your living space.

 We design unique, hand-made articles that reflect a piece of artwork rather than a generic furniture item.

Premium materials and building methods are then paired to hand craft a stunning article ready to lay at rest in your home.

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Interior Features

A feature wall or section can transform your living space from a lifeless room to a vivacious area you love to spend time in. The theme of a room has the power to lift your mood and lighten the atmosphere in which you spend most of life's hours.
Marooned Interiors have an abundance of creative concepts to compliment your ideas and are prepared to work together to design and build the space you envisage. From a simple beach or industrial theme to more extravagant finishes, our experience with such materials as veneer, stone and gold leaf leave us only limited by imagination.

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Marine Fitout

From small leisure vessels to large superyachts, we provide a full fitout service for new builds and restorations. Our understanding of the movement of various materials as they are exposed to harsh oceanic environment ensures top quality workmanship that is designed to last.

We understand that it is often the method rather than the product used that determines the life of your fitout.
Marooned Interiors has the facilities to accomodate small, trailer-bound boats as well as a mobile service for larger moored vessels. Teak and Faux-teak, interior modifications, specialised lightweight construction and more.

We are your fitout solution.

Camping Location

Motorhome Fitout

There are many critical design points that need to be considered in the design stage of a motorhome's interior. Weight, space efficiency and ergonomics being very important factors that accompany the overall aesthetics of the space.
We have a range of construction and finish options available to suit the diverse personalities and priorities of our clients. A simple change in cupboard door finish or seat upholstery - often enough to revive a dated looking interior, full interior modifications, or fitout of a brand new vehicle; Marooned Interiors has the options to suit you.

Sound Room Fitout

Our passion for handicraft compliments our passion for music and the science of sound. With the knowledge of the characteristics of a great sounding room, we are able to create an aesthetically pleasing space for your sound room, studio or theatre. Our ability to design and construct sound absorption panels, studio doors, sonic diffusers and bass traps will compliment any room with an acoustic focus, without the gloomy look of conventional foam solutions used throughout the industry. 
We can create a sound space that works for your ears as well as your eyes.

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The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

- Benjamin Franklin -

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